Brain Soup

by OJ

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The song starts of relaxed with hints of dissonance moving into the drop with heavy dissonance (the main convolution) the end in the break which let down on the dissonance moving into a more harmonic stage (postictal period) I end end this with relief but knowing it not over.

Song inspired by the process of having a seizure. This was made for epilepsy awareness month in November. All proceeds from this song will go to and support there fabulous work.


released September 23, 2016




UpsidedownOJ New Zealand

Nerdy music producer and graphics designer from Hamilton. I make a lot of various electronic music; mainly being synthy orchestral stuff, 4 to floor dance banger's (EDM), (liquid)dubstep, and all "dem" 808 bass music because 808 drums??? Also do music requests for intros ... more

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